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The world’s largest marketplaces own almost half of the global online retail market. Take your piece of cake using the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade.

E commerce marketplace platform is the key to the success of online business

The global ecommerce market is very large and demonstrates a rapid extension. The growth of the global ecommerce market over the past three years is approximately 20% per year (according to the Global 1000 Report: The global reinvention of e-retail). At the same time, no monobrand online store, nor other technological shopping solutions can boast of such benefits as shopping websites for many distributors.Or, in short, the marketplaces.

10 leading companies own the most lucrative selling platforms. They provide convenient hosting for dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers. Their market share continues to grow. On the one hand, the new commercial web sites are very difficult to compete with such giants. On the other hand, it’s time to take your place when the market is actively growing and offers prospects. You can build and launch your customizable online shopping website with ready-made software from Marketplace Experts using Only in this way you can create the best marketplace platform under your label from scratch without extra costs.

H2 The best marketplace platform: what to learn from leaders

Indeed, several multi vendor platforms share the lion’s share of the profits from the buying audience on the Internet. International company Alibaba from China is far ahead of its competitors and holds about 27% of the market. The American platform Amazon, which owns 13-15% of the market, is in second place. Both companies provide a large selection of products at their marketplaces at low prices and fast delivery. One of the important properties is the worldwide shipping for both wholesale and retail sales.

It can be concluded that a successful b2b online shop can sell its own products, and also provide lending for other sellers. At the same time a great marketplace necessarily makes it possible to use the plugin, which is necessary for seller and the buyer: detect user location, show nearby vendors, exchange messages, receive notifications, sort items, select and confirm the date/time, get a commission fee, support feedback and rating page for each vendor.

The Rademade team devoted more than 6 years building infrastructure for marketplaces. Each module of our software was developed and tested so that your e commerce marketplace platform got into the top as soon as possible. And we created the optimal solution – Online Marketplace Software by Rademade.

Online Marketplace Software is more than sites builder

Building and developing marketplace from scratch is not an easy task. Common open cart cms such as WordPress or Magento are distributed for free but are not at all suitable for building a reliable and customizable ecommerce marketplace platform. Hiring web site development specialists is the best solution, but it will require considerable financial investments from you and will take time. The time when users of your platform could sell, resale and rent the goods and services they need.

It is best to use the Online Marketplace Software for fast, efficient and economical construction and design of a multi-user online store. And if you do not know how to choose the best OMS, then you will not find a better source than the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade. Each script of this SaaS is aimed at the harmonious work of each peer in your marketplace.

It does not matter which theme you devote your marketplace. You can merchandise clothing, gadgets, furniture, cosmetics, services, real estate, training courses, travel, transportation, applications or program codes. In any case, the platform built using the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade will be successful and will develop quickly profitable.