Common Netflix Problems & Fixes

By all accounts, Netflix is the greatest invention that mankind has ever produced, right up there next to the airplane and the cure for Polio.

But it’s not perfect; like everything, Netflix has more than its fair share of problems and issues, many of which are easily fixable. Most problems can be solved by either restarting or re-installing Netflix on your device, or you may need to restart your modem, router, or device as a whole. If those don’t work, then you may have to get creative. Below is a list of some of the more common issues that users experience, as well as some simple tips to help solve the problem.

Problem #1: Movies Won’t Download

One of the best features of the newest update for the Netflix app is the ability to download and watch movies offline. Unfortunately, many people have been unable to do so, claiming that it’s unavailable to them for some reason. If this happens to you, try doing a manual update on your app and check to see if you have enough storage. Alternatively, if you have an iPhone that is “jailbroken,” you may be unable to download at all on these devices.

Problem #2: Netflix Errors 12001 and 12002

Users who watch Netflix on their mobile devices sometimes will see these error messages pop up on their device signaling that they either need to clear their storage (12002) or reset their settings (12001).

How do you do that? Simple

For 12001 (iPhone/iPad), go to Settings > Netflix > Reset. Return to your home screen and sign back into Netflix.

For 12002 (Android), head to Android Settings -> Application Manager (Apps or Applications) -> Netflix -> Clear Data -> Tap OK.

Depending on which device you use, both of those options should have cleared the problem.

Problem #3: Too Many Users

The premium plans on Netflix allow you to have several different users on a single account, but if you have a more basic package, you won’t be able to have more than one or two. If you sign in on your normal account and find that there are other users online, it can be inconvenient to identify who it is and then sign them out. A more simple solution? Go to “My Account” on the Netflix website, and click on “Sign Out of All Devices.” This process can take up to two hours to finish, but it’s much easier than manually signing everyone out.

Problem #4: Netflix VPN & Proxy Error

One of the more frustrating error messages, especially for those who are not technologically inclined, is to receive a sign that says “Netflix Proxy Error.” Netflix deliberately blocks connections to users who they believe are using an unauthorized method of gaining access to their library, but many customers have received this error message simply by accident. Even though VPNs are used by people who want to increase their privacy, Netflix cannot determine those using it for that purpose and those using it for more illicit reasons. Because of this, log out of any VPNs or proxy servers that you are using and then Netflix should be available.