How to Choose a Good DSL Modem For CenturyLink

Choosing a DSL modem can be overwhelming, but doing your research can ensure that you do not spend more than you need to get the quality of product that you need. We have a complete guide to DSL modems for CenturyLink that can help you select the perfect modem for your internet needs.

1. Why Not Use CenturyLink’s?

To begin with, let’s review whether you would want one of CenturyLink’s own modems. The pros of going with this are that you would have a guarantee that your modem will operate with CenturyLink’s service. That pro is good enough for many people who would only like the assurance that their internet is going to work without too much trouble. For that one pro, however, there are several cons to getting a CenturyLink modem.

The first question with a CenturyLink modem is whether you plan on renting one or buying one. When you rent a modem, it comes with a $10/month rental fee and you will not own the product. If it malfunctions, CenturyLink will replace it for you, but you will eventually be paying more in a rental fee than it would have been to just buy the router outright. But if you buy a modem from CenturyLink, you will have a modem that is not meant to work with any other ISP. So if you move or want to change the type of service you have, you will be stuck buying a new modem.

2. Selecting a Brand

Once you have decided that you would like to go outside of the CenturyLink approved brands, you need to double check that the modem will be compatible with CenturyLink. It’s frustrating to purchase a modem, plug it in to set it up, and find out that it will not work out. You can find a table of the compatible brands here:

3. Confirming your Speed

Not everyone uses the internet in the exact same way, meaning that we all do not need the same internet speeds to get what we want. Someone who uses the internet to browse social media and check email is not going to need the same speeds as a person who likes to stream videos and online gaming. The more you are streaming, the faster speeds you are going to need to get. Usually the higher priced modems offer the higher downloading speeds. You are also going to want to go with a higher speed if there are more than one internet users in your household. Multiple people attempting to stream from separate devices is going to cause lags and delays, frustrating everyone.

4. Do you need a modem or router?

The final thing that you need to consider before making your decision on a DSL modem is whether you simply want a modem or a modem/router combination. You need a modem to operate the internet, but you only need a router when you are connecting multiple devices to the wireless. If your DSL is only going to be hooked up to a single computer with an Ethernet cable, you can get by with a modem. Otherwise, make sure that your modem has a router with it as well.