Carbon Fiber Gadgets You Can Own

There are definitely solid reasons why carbon fiber has been popping up a lot in gadgets and even wearable accessories over the past few years, and it’s certainly not just hype. For one thing, it looks amazing. Sleek and modern, it gives off a smooth feel that works well with those who prefer to look polished with finesse. It’s also very strong – stronger than steel! – and lightweight, which makes it a great material to use in cars and aerospace parts, and now in gadgets that can make any guy drool in anticipation and excitement.

There is a downside, though: carbon fiber is expensive. Manufacturing it is both difficult and costly, which is why the price tag that comes with any product made of carbon fiber is also pretty pricey. But that’s also why it’s acquired the cloak of exclusivity that is has been wearing ever since being used in luxury cars. Fortunately, there are still plenty of cool and practical carbon fiber gadgets that you can own without needing to empty out your bank account.

1. Wristwatches

If you haven’t heard much about carbon fiber being used in watches, you’d be surprised to know that there are those that sell for over $20,000 – a price that’s certainly not for the average Joe. The good news is that these carbon fiber watches also do come in the same sleek look but at more affordable prices. That’s right, for under $400, you definitely can call yourself the proud owner of a Swiss-made watch that’s as clean and modern-looking as its much more expensive counterpart.

2. Carbon Fiber Wallet

Handmade with a material that would probably last your whole life, a carbon fiber wallet is understated elegance and modern technology rolled into one unassuming piece of card and cash holder.

3. Custom Game Controller

Game controllers are like extensions to every gamers hands, and customized ones are the stuff of pure gamer joy. You might not think much of carbon fiber customized game controllers, but wait til you actually see and get a hold of one. Not only does it look awesome, it also feels great on the hands!

4. Lighter

The smoker’s best friend, lighters make great presents for those who are fond of lighting up a stick or two after a satisfying meal. There have been many designs made for lighters, but classic ones inlaid with real high-technology carbon fiber takes it a notch higher. You can find a number of these carbon fiber lighters from luxury stores at a range of prices.

5. Carbon Fiber Phone Case

For such a strong and durable material, carbon fiber is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it perfect for phone cases, as it can protect the phone from being scratched and cushion the blow in case it falls, while not adding much to the phone’s weight. Additionally, carbon fiber looks stylish, so your phone will always look new and trendy. You can even make your own carbon fiber case if you want.

The use of carbon fiber in gadgets is increasing over time, and there’s a lot of anticipation as to how this strong but lightweight material will be used next. They’re pretty pricey now, but as the manufacturing costs go down with more production, we’ll definitely get to see more and more gadgets made with carbon fiber.