Dashboard Camera as Irrefutable Witness for Any Incident on The Road

A few months ago, I guided my old friend and his family traveling around my villages. I rode motorcycle in front of their car at speed more or less 60 kmh. After 3 km of journey, I had a small accident because the front tire of my motorcycle slipped that force me fallen to the ground, luckily I did not hit anything, just falling and I woke up and continue riding like the Moto GP show. When arrived at the destination, surprisingly my friend who drove the car behind me, showing me the recorded video of the accident. I asked him how he get that, then he showed me a camera that’s securely mounted to his car’s widescreen.

Based on that’s true story of my own life, I have concluded that’s a good idea to put a camera on my car to record anything happen on the road. It will be irrefutable witness for any incident.

Ge-Force 720p Dashboard Camera is my choice to do this thing right. This budget plastic has features including: 720p high definition recording, 6 IR sensors for night recording, Crisp, 2.5 TFT inch display, 120 degree wide angle lens, Super slim and lightweight, and SD card slot – supports cards up to 32GB.

At its maximum setting, the camera delivers picture at 1920×1440 pixel with 388kb file size. I think it’s digitally enlarged, not the real resolution. See sample image at its highest resolution below.

And see below the sample video taken by the device with max resolution:

Al Hilal:
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