5 Unusual Gadgets for iPhone

The iPhone has certainly taken off as one of the most innovative pieces of technology on the market. It’s revolutionized the world of mobile phones and given us more power in out pocket than ever before. It’s no secret that smartphones have features, apps and add-ons that enable to do things that we’d never had dreamed we’d be able to accomplish with our smartphone and the possibilities this has given us are endless.

However, sometimes the wonderful comes hand-in-hand with the weird. Here are five of the most unusual iPhone gadgets that fall on that very delicate line between pure crazy and pure genius!

The MicrobeScope –The Pocket Microscope Gadget
This little gadget is certainly a brilliant match for all the science-lovers out there. The end of the days of expensive lab equipment are now in sight with this one simple little add-on we can turn our phones into a fully functioning 800x microscope. The device is powered by two AA batteries and works using LEDs, which negates the use of fiddly glass slides. By simply placing a specimen on the illuminated platform and linking the phone up on top, you can explore the fascinating microbial world and save what you see into a video format on the phone.

Although this isn’t looking to take over science labs anytime soon, it certainly raises questions about the potential of the future of smartphones in scientific fields. For now, it definitely stands as a great gadget for kids and adults and way to easily access this element of science as never before!

Koubachi – The Plant Sensor Gadget
Definitely spanning the line between bizarre and incredible, this device inspires an initial reaction of confusion and hilarity but is actually pretty useful once considered. The WiFi sensor is designed to be placed in plant pots and to communicate the “moods” of the plants to the phone it’s linked to. Although this may seem ridiculous at first, it’s actually a great piece of equipment for anyone enthusiastic about botany or just for those with a hectic lifestyle who keep coming home to find their favorite houseplants withered and perished.

With three options—Indoor, Outdoor and Pro— each of the sensors measure specific elements of the plants surroundings to achieve optimum growing conditions. They even take into account knowledge of different species, user preferences, climate and weather forecast, making this an extremely sophisticated tool and must-have gadget!

Soberlink Bluetooth – The Self Breathalyzer Gadget
This gadget is one of many of its type. iPhone breathalyzers are becoming all the rage and for good reason. As well as being a bit of fun when out drinking, these little devices can help you track your alcohol intake and make informed decisions when deciding to undertake tasks such as driving home. It works by connecting to your iPhone or iPad and sending the results directly to them.

They are then uploaded onto the Soberlinks monitoring website through WiFi. Not only does the breathalyzer take accurate readings of your blood alcohol level from any where in the world, it also has a built-in camera, takes a photo and uses facial recognition features to identify the user. Whether it’s to test yourself or as a way to keep tabs on your kids, this little gadget is definitely worth a test run!

Wrap 310XL – The Video Eyewear Gadget
Video eyewear is something we’ve probably all dreamt about. The classic futuristic concept of being able to view screens on your glasses is finally here. With the Wrap 310XL, you can link up with your iPhone and easily and seamlessly watch 4:3 and 16:9 videos right in front of your very eyes. This amazing little gadget also allows you to watch 2D and 3D videos side by side. It doesn’t involve complex set up and setting changes as the glasses automatically recognize the format and play the video accordingly.

Now you can watch movies from your favorite streaming sites anywhere in the world without having to deal with tiny phone screens, but be sure to have a VPN installed on your phone to unblock domains like Netflix that may have fallen victim to geo-blocking! Alongside this, the glasses have multiple interchangeable color lenses so you can customize them to match your mood. Although not the first of it’s kind, the Wrap 310XL definitely stands as the most stylish gadget on this list.

iCarta 2 – The Toilet Roll Holder Gadget
Although the benefit of this gadget is not the most obvious, its uniqueness is undeniable. The iCarta 2 is a toilet roll holder meets music player dock system for your iPhone and iPod. This Bluetooth speaker system stands to revolutionize your morning bathroom trip as it allows you to play on your iPhone with amplified sound and charger port. You’ll also never have to worry about it running out of battery when you’re still midway through your business again!

Aside from this, the dock could be a handy space saver if you don’t have enough room in your bathroom for a separate speaker system. Although this may never be the next technological breakthrough, it is certainly one of the most unique gadgets on the list and makes for a great gift for anyone with a good sense of humor.

This list names only a few, but there are many weird-and-wonderful gadgets out there. There is a constant stream of new, innovative and exciting ideas that are filling up the market and transforming out iPhones into technological multi-tools that we could have never before imagined! If you know of any more that you believe should make the cut or have had any experience with any already mentioned, then feel free to comment below!

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