I Dropped My iPad and Dented Its Corner!

A few weeks ago my iPad was dropped (one and a half meters from the ground) and left its top-right corner dented. Fortunately the device still works fine without any malfunction, I’m very happy with that eventhough I got a little trauma with the incident. I don’t want this tragedy hit me once again, but if the bad luck force to happen, I don’t want the next incident will break my iPad. And what I need to do now is find durable iPad cases to protect my lovely device from such drop, shock, or other damage. And finally I found this cool cases, the Gumdrop Drop Tech iPad 3 Case.

Gumdrop Drop Tech iPad 3 Case - Military Edition

As you can see in the picture, the Gumdrop case I have is the Military Edition. This cool edition features multiple barriers of shock absorption, a built-in polycarbonate screen protector, and microfilm dust filters. I love the truly rugged and functional protection but I hate the screen protector as it reduces the touchscreen responsiveness. So to keep my iPad screen works as usual, I use the case without the remove-able polycarbonate screen protector. I have my own screen protector that’s been installed since I bought the iPad. Yea, I prefer the more invisible screen protector.