Sony’s new DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars


Sony’s new DEV-50V digital recording binoculars is 30% lighter than their predecessors. So what does it mean? It means you will carry less and capture more without the hassle of carrying extra gear, but you’are stil able to observe wildlife in close-up, snap photos and shoot video. The DEV-50V binoculars is equipped with XGA OLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder and boasts a precise autofocus system to keep focusing while zooming or when subject’s moving rapidly. What you need to do is simply pressing the shutter button to grab 20.4 megapixel still photos.


In addition to its ability capturing still photos, the new DEV-50V binoculars also allow users to shoot video footage in Full HD. And last but not least, this digital recording bonoculars can make 3D video for watching on your 3D TV, thank to the two separate lenses image sensors and image processors.