Best Software Available for Starting a Business

When you are in the process of starting up a business there will be a million and one things that you need to address to ensure that things run smoothly and to make sure you get the word out there that your company is here to stay. With so much to consider, it is essential that you utilise the right software to allow you to operate smoothly and reach your target audience. Today, we outline some of the best software packages out there which all benefit from sliding pay scales and remote access, freeing you up to focus your attentions on that to-do list…

Easy call now
This is an excellent, all-encompassing telephony system that caters to all of your companies contact needs and which perhaps most importantly, you can try for free. This hosted online dialler system allows you to quickly and efficiently contact and be contacted by your customers, ensures they will never hear an engaged tone or dial out, you will never miss a call and maximises your call time.

As part of the great software package, you will have access to comprehensive reports that can help you to analyse your contact list and business patterns. This, in turn, grants you access to the information that you require in order to improve upon the service that you offer. Another great feature of Easy Call Now is that this software is pay-as-you-go. This means you can start off small and increase your package as your business grows.

Google Aps
Five million business owners can’t really be wrong can they? This simple to set up software package is a cloud-based productivity suite which allows you and your team to operate from any location. Their web-based email, calendar and documents system is just the easy to use package you need to get that business off to a flying start.

Managing your accounts efficiently without being buried in spreadsheets is an essential part of any business and Clearbooks is a great software package which allows you to do this as well as the fact that it is self-explanatory and cheap!

Prices start from as little as £9 for sole traders and charities and go up to £39 for bigger organisations. The package allows you to monitor your accounts from anywhere. Its automated invoicing feature allows you to pay and be paid easier and faster and all data is secure and encrypted for complete peace of mind.

2.5 million businesses utilise Mailchimp as a way of email marketing their contacts list. The package, which like all of the above, you can trial for a month for free, allows you to design email newsletters and share everything on social networks. The package provides easy-to-understand reports which allow you to focus on the areas you need to concentrate on to improve and grow your service.

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