Telecommunications: The way forward?

2428 The IT profession can seem pretty hard to not just progress in, but enter. However, speaking to an IT recruitment agency will show reports of an upswing in one particular field: telecoms. The reasons are various, and while certain other fields can be stagnant in any economic environment, telecoms is surging because of the ever-changing nature of technology. It is also a very specialised field. Also, one thing that will never change is that companies will always need to keep in touch with a vast web of resources, not least being their customers.

So who is looking?

The people who are looking to recruit are not just large telecom multinationals like Siemens, Motorola, and BT, but also financial services, the public sector and SMEs. There is very little doubt that the importance of having a well prepared communications system is every bit as important as working IT systems and a robust compliance staff.

The choices for a telecoms career are more varied than you might think, too. Jobs in telecommunications can range from being a member of a call centre to Project Management and beyond, invoking all the skills you will have learned in IT.


Lots of people in your company may think of telecoms people as just those ones to call to replace a dud phone, or replace cables, and so on. You know that is not true, any more than any IT support department is just there to say ‘Turn it off and on again’.

The life blood of any company is the ability to communicate with the outside world, which is why you matter so. It’s not a nine to five job; it is imperative to have everything available 24/7 in these days of disaster recovery and market wobbles. That’s why companies want people like with the experience and knowledge to carry them through anything.


The scope of working in telecommunications is staggering, even beyond your immediate duties. The implications of such a job can make everything go smooth as silk, or foul everything up. Big Businesses and Small/Medium enterprises know this so they are in the market for talent they can foster and train. There is nothing to lose by looking around at what’s available with an IT recruitment agency and the chance to grow will always help you.

You have the skills so it would be silly not to capitalise on them whilst bolstering your career.