Sketching and Drawing on iPad are Fun


When I was a kid, I used to love to draw. And my greatest moment was in primary school when I won some awards for this hobby. Now I still love to draw in my spare time. But I don’t draw on paper any more, I draw digitally on my new iPad with the help of Ten1 Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus as the newest addition to my collection of iPad accessories. You may wonder what app I use to draw and sketch, I choose PAPER app from Fifty Three. The app is very intuitive, easy to use, and proudly wins Apple Design Award 2012.


PAPER app is finger-friendly, it means we don’t need a stylus to draw or sketch. But a stylus will offer us more finer and natural control, that’s why I used a stylus to draw the scene above. But in many cases I use my finger to draw or sketch more simple objects. This cool app has five essential tools including pen, pencil, bold marker, ink pen, and my favorite watercolor. The app is free with pen tool only, to complete the tool collection, it will cost you some bucks. I think it’s worth to try.


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