CST-01: World’s Thinnest Watch is Here


Thinner than a credit card, the CST-01 is claimed as the thinnest watch in the world at only 0.80mm thick. Inspired by the capabilities of E Ink’s electronic paper displays, this watch is manufactured by a Chicago-based company, Central Standard Timing (CST). Regarding powerhouse, the CST-01 comes with an embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell that charges in 10 minutes from an external dock, lasts for over a month and has a lifetime of 15 years. The CST-01 is available to back on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are being taken for $129/each and is expected to ship in Q2 2013.

“All aspects of design and engineering were carefully considered for the CST-01’s unique functional and aesthetic benefits,” said Dave Vondle, co-founder of Central Standard Timing. “The CST-01 is the most minimal expression of a timepiece,” added Jerry O’Leary, also a co-founder of Central Standard Timing. “It’s ‘time’ embedded in a band.”

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