CDW Cloud Collaboration, Your True Cloud Based Solution!


No doubt, the cloud service has become a trending in business solution. An easy access and tight security gives the staffs and others who involving in the company a great mobility and safe place to support their job from anywhere, anytime, on any devices they love to. Maybe, that's a reason why the CDW Cloud Collaboration is here.

 CDW Cloud Collaboration is a new solution in CDW's solution and services portfolio that leverage Unified Communication to provide staffs the ability to seamlessly collaborate through collaboration tools from Cisco Systems with CDW's managed service. Short of, this service will pack your business tools : email, voicemail, video conferencing, blog, customer service support, file sharing and others in one interface, accessible on one device to simplify and speedy the interaction between staff-to-staff or staff-to-customer for gaining better productivity.

So, why CDW Cloud Collaboration not others? The first reason is this service is run by CDW. Even though, it's a new solution in their portfolio, but don't even think that they are a beginner in this field, They have ton experiences, handling Unified Communication or to host collaboration tools are their daily basis. It's just like their sister. In a fact, they already completed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication developments in past decade.

The second, CDW plants this service at their own Tier III-IV facility of 485,000-square-foot data center with the latest technology of world class virtualized architecture. It ensures your Cloud Collaboration service has speedy access and compromising security. So, you are worry-free from being hacked or the service will suddenly stop or not responding.  The service will always stay on, safe and fast whenever you need it.

The third, CDW has many expert staffs in their box, over 50 CDW's staffs are Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts.  When you decided to purchase this service, you don't need to be troubled by how to manage the complexity of hardware and software, the expert staffs will be there, smiling and setting everything for you. Perhaps, it's too much for your IT staffs, but for them, it's like eating hotdogs, as simple as that. And they are always ready for 24×7, day and night, to support your need.

At last but not least, the package of this service is very flexible. Whether you are running a small or big business, you will find a fittest service package that suitable for your business. More, the package is pay-as-you-go model. So, you don't have to pay what you don't use.

With a competent company, world class facility, world class staffs with world class support and service, this CDW Cloud Collaboration is your true cloud based solution. If you need more info about this service please read more at CDW’s Solutions blog and watch the video below.


CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

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