Talking Tom Cat 2 for Android App, Cheer Your Kids!

Talking Tom Cat 2 for Android App When I was a kid, I loved Tom and Jerry cartoon movie. (ehemm), I still do, of course, it’s not my favorite coffee now, I’m not that kid anymore. In that time, I dreamed that I could talk with either Tom or Jerry to cheer me up. I know, it was a fool kid dream. No wait, it’s no longer a fool dream, you can make your kids to talk to Tom now. Talking Tom Cat 2 for Android app is already here to cheer your kids.

Yeap, this Tom of Talking Tom Cat 2 is not like Tom in Tom and Jerry movie, he is funnier, more real as life as a real cat, and can do what TJ Tom can’t, a direct responses to your kid actions. He can listen and reply to your kid’s talking and showing a weird fun things, like sky-rocket jumping when he is in panic. Your kids also enable to customize the look of this cat by wearing him an accessories.

Indeed, it’s a good-fun app and a must app for your Android device, especially when you have kids at home. I’m not empty talking. Most Android blog is talking about this latest version of Talking Tom Cat and giving more than 4 star out of 5. Based on those facts, surely this app tools your kids to always be happy and fun.

In addition, according to Wikipedia, Talking Tom Cat app is the most popular talking friend apps of Outfit7 and has been downloaded more than 40 million times in both Android and iOS version.
So, if you need to cheer your kids or yourself while you have an Android device in hand, It’s a wise decision to install this app. Did I mention Tom is talking for free?