Dual SIM Nokia Asha 308, Affordable Touchscreen Device

Have I missed something? I found this announcement in my inbox and I think the world is not enough. What does it mean? iOS, Android, Windows 8, BlackBerry 10 are not enough to cover all the human needs and ambitions. In addition to its Lumia series, Nokia also developed Asha series for budget oriented users. The new Nokia Asha 308 is just another example. Since I don’t want to miss anything in the world of smart devices, I’m excited to cover the new touch smartphone in this post. As the latest additions to the Asha Touch family of mobile devices, the dual SIM Nokia Asha 308 is mentioned as the Nokia’s most affordable capacitive touchscreen device to date along with the new single SIM Asha 309.

Coming with a 3.0” WQVGA capacitive display, the Nokia Asha 308 is a dual SIM device featuring Easy Swap technology that enables users to switch between multiple SIM cards quickly and easily to get the best local tariffs without having to remove the battery or turn off the phone. The 2G-enabled device also features multiple home screens, stereo radio, loud speakers and up to 32GB microSD card support.


Al Hilal:
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