HARMAN Fresh JBL Ultra-Portable Speakers Lets Your Tablet Speaks Loudly

HARMAN Fresh JBL Ultra-Portable Speakers

Do you have tablet? Do you always keep your smartphone in you hand? Now what? I think you need a speaker to make all of them speak loudly. I have X-Mini Capsule Speaker in my room, and I love it. If you want it too, there are newer options from HARMAN International Industries. Available in three models – the JBL Flip (right), JBL Micro Wireless and JBL Micro II – the company’s new ultra-portable JBL® speakers easily fit into a backpack or back pocket. Each speaker includes a built-in bass port to deliver a deep, more resonant sound than comparably sized portable speakers. What about price? JBL Flip is at $99, JBL Micro Wireless is $59, and JBL Micro II is at $39.

“These ultra-portable JBL speakers were designed specifically for the on-the-go music lover who wants a quality audio performance with portability – a desirable feature set that JBL, thanks to its pioneering role in audio development, is uniquely positioned to deliver,” said Sachin Lawande, executive vice president of HARMAN and co-president of HARMAN Lifestyle and Infotainment. “We are providing technically sophisticated speakers with high-performance drivers and built-in bass ports in small packages so music fans will hear the truth. The sound is very impressive.”