SAMSUNG Entro, when Text ‘n’ Call are Enough!

Do you think everyone need a smartphone? think again! According to a report, wireless customerse who want a feature phone that focuses on basic wireless communications increases by 28% in the last two years. And now there are approximately 149 million people like them in the U.S. But I don’t think you’re a part of them. If I’m wrong, I have a good news for you. Samsung and Virgin Mobile offers SAMSUNG Entro, a traditional and affordable cellphone for $14.99 without a contract. The phone features a 1.77 in. main display screen, web access, external color display, text messaging, speakerphone and more in a flip-phone form factor.

“In an economic climate where every penny counts, consumers are looking for ways to save money without giving up basic conveniences like mobile phone service,” said Mark Lederman, Business Line director, Virgin Mobile USA and payLo. “With a leading company like Samsung, we’re able to match cutting-edge design, popular features, and award-winning customer service with the value of our unlimited talk and text payLo plan for $40 per month, without a contract.”

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