What is Student Insurance?

Student life is highly unique in nature. It involves an endless flow of house guests, raucous partying and a number of factors which can put valuable possessions under threat. Add to this the fact that the sum cost of modern gadgetry regularly runs into the thousands and you begin to realise that specifically tailored student insurance is a necessity rather than an option.

Students, more often than not, won’t be covered by schemes in their parent’s names. Buildings and Contents cover generally refers to specific properties rather than encompassing each family member so when it comes to a student moving out, they’ll often lose their insurance cover.

For younger students, leaving home for the first time is an exciting but daunting experience, riddled with pitfalls and alarming potentialities. Students learning the value of money by experience is one thing but if you lose an expensive laptop or a mobile phone, your finances could be crippled for a long time.

Student insurance could broadly be described as a form of contents insurance but now a number of brokers – such as Endsleigh – have realised that tailored cover is the key to protecting your wares. Insurance specifically for laptops and phones is available such as cheap gadget insurance and can include cover loss as well as damage. Mobile phones are so streamlined and ergonomic these days it’s often difficult to even know they’re there. Losing a mobile is becoming ever easier and could present the unfortunate victim with a bill running into the hundreds. With the correct insurance you can obtain a new for old replacement within 24 hours.

Perhaps you have musical instruments that need to be covered. Student insurance policies are available whereby you can ring-fence your prized instruments against damage, theft or loss. Many students will have guitars, stereos and recording equipment that require cover.

Student living is one of the most exciting times in many people’s lives although the experience can easily turn sour without the right cover. Legislate against disaster with a decent tailored student policy.

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