Cube: Unconventional Smartphone Dock

KC Lee created Cube project to give a smartphone its own space like our homes. He wanted something more than conventional looking dock available in market today. The dock can do more than just charging mobile device, it’s also intuitive and simple.

Made of 100% polycarbonate, Cube won’t break or shatter, and it’s non-toxic. Compatible with iPhone as well as different types and sizes of smartphones, Cube is simple and easy, and you can use it with or without a case.

You don’t always have to charge your mobile device. With Cube, you can simply place it inside Cube as you put it on the table. Cube refines and amplifies the sound emitting from your smartphones naturally. Cube’s acoustic design redirects and amplifies the sound just about right.

Cube‘s user-friendly design makes installation of USB cable quick and easy. There is a cord storage and the adjustable bottom, so that USB cable exit any of the four sides. With Cube, you can keep your space clean and neat. Cube is a great space for visual reminders, you can place sticky notes on it, or you can even write on it with a marker.