Huawei 8800 Android Smartphone

Huawei 8800  Android Smartphone

Samsung is the king in the world of Android smartphone, LG and Motorola may be the other major players that you can find in the market. But if you want an alternative apart from them, Consumer Cellular could ease your task with their new Huawei 8800. Available for $175, the device operates on the Android platform and includes Wi-Fi capability. Key features of Huawei 8800 include: a 3.8 inch touch screen; 5-megapixel autofocus camera and camcorder with LED flash; GPS navigation; and MP3 music player.

“Our customers tell us they want feature-rich phones without being tied to expensive, long-term contracts,” said John Marick, CEO of Consumer Cellular. “The Huawei 8800 provides another affordable option to our customers who need a robust smartphone and want the ease and convenience of our no-contract service.”