Garmin fēnix Wrist Watch for Outdoorsmen

Garmin  fēnix  Outdoor Watch

Mentioned as Garmin‘s first GPS wrist watch for outdoorsmen, fēnix offers comprehensive navigation and tracking functionalities as well as trip information. Benefiting Garmin’s well-known GPS technology, fēnix can guide adventurers off the trail and back to the safety of a vehicle, trailhead or campsite. In addition to its built-in sensors that grab information on heading, elevation and weather changes, fēnix is built to endure the toughest outdoor conditions. Regarding design, this stylish watch comes with a classic round design in a high-strength housing with a scratch-resisting display.

“fēnix packs Garmin’s leading and trusted outdoor technology into a robust, wrist-worn GPS watch that outdoorsmen can rely on,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Being able to go hands free while still having access to Garmin’s precise and accurate information on weather, elevation and position provides adventurers the confidence and peace of mind to take their outdoor activities even further off-trail.”