Does Your Broadband Speed Need a Kick?

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You’ve set up your broadband connection, but is your internet speed as fast as it could be? There is a common misconception that your broadband connection speed is only dependent on your service provider but there is still a huge divide between those speeds that are advertised and the speeds that you are receiving. For the amount you are paying, you want your connection to be the best it can be. So here are some simple and effective things you can do to manipulate your broadband speed and make your connection more efficient:-

Reduce bandwidth sharing

Ever had that sinking feeling when your broadband goes from a speedy to painfully slow? Whether it’s your children streaming videos on their iPhones, or your neighbours high jacking your un-secured network, you feel the full force of bandwidth sharing. This is when someone or something is stealing your connection. Often, software such as file-sharing, security updates and video streaming are using your broadband connection, which run in the background on your device. You can prevent unnecessary programmes from using your bandwidth by ensuring all programmes ask for permission before they start. Also it’s important to make sure that your network is protected by a passcode so your neighbours don’t steal your connection and slow it down.

Edit browser settings

Something as simple as updating your browser to the most recent version or installing a new browser all together can increase downloads of a webpage. Go for one that can easily block popups and dodge installing search bars like Google Chrome. These are all a waste of your precious bandwidth and they make your browser look cluttered.

Be aware of your position

Most internet connections these days are wireless. A lot of wireless signal is lost by interference from walls or objects and by your position in the house/office. So the further away you are from your router, the weaker your connection will be. One way to defeat this is to give yourself direct line of sight between your laptop and the router.

Where possible use a wired connection

Most people favour wireless internet because it’s mobile and ideal for multiple connections. But connecting your laptop with an Ethernet cable directly into your router can boost your broadband speed. The physical cable means your speed will regularly remain fast as the cable acts as a ‘lifeline’ for your broadband. Best of all these cables are cheap so try it and see your connection speed climb!

Ensure you are up-to-date

Wi-fi technology is ever changing, especially over the last couple of years. Now modems and routers have faster connections than their older counterparts do. Ideally, if you have a modem or router, which is older than 3 years, it may be an idea to trade it in for a younger version to boost your broadband speed.

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Luke from said: “A quick broadband is imperative in todays society, whether for your home of in a business. With the increasing number of devices being connected to your broadband, its inevitably going to get slower. There are a number of ways your broadband speed can be increased.”

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