3 Note-Taking Alternatives to Evernote You May Have Never Heard About!

Evernote is great, do not take me wrong, it is functional, convenient, supports the newest generations of iPads/iPhones but I simply don’t like its interface. Luckily, there are so many good note-taking applications for iOS devices in the AppStore. Not of them are awesome, to be honest, but I chose 3 apps that are really worth of attention and few bucks to spend. These tools can be very useful and you will understand why when you read my reviews.

Safe Note: iPhone note-taking has never been easier and safer!
Price in the AppStore: $ 1.99

If you need, like me, to store a lot of important memos and notes in a protected way you should definitely try this awesome app that is available in the AppStore in 2 versions – free with limited functions and the paid complete one. Safe Note can protect all your notes (just use a hard-to-crack password), it is pretty customizable if you need to use diverse colors and fonts and also provides its users with the ability to email notes directly from the app with prior autosaving.

My verdict: if you need a good application for taking notes, protecting and sharing them, Safe Note with its user-friendly interface (look at screenshots), Retina support and backup autosaving is exactly what you need! Plus it looks pretty awesome with all its notes accessible with one tap.

PhatNotes: for hardcore note-takers with huge demands!
Price in the AppStore: $ 1.99

PhatNotes is used to be my favorite app for synchronizing notes with PC until it became too pricy – almost ten bucks for 1 download seemed too much for a note-taking app even if it is pretty good. Luckily, the developer Stan Miasnikov made it more affordable by reducing its price to 2 bucks.

What can you do by means of this nifty and smart application? First and foremost, taking notes became easier as well as the organization of notes in groups and folders for quicker search of the most important memos or to-do lists for shopping. Just scribble a note on your iPhone/iPad’s screen and this smart app will automatically OCR in order to let you edit it as you like. A small tip: even if you scribble the curse “f-word” this tool will print it as well as other words. No censorship at all!

However, the most important feature of PhatNotes is its ability to synchronize all stored notes with Windows desktop client.

BTW, if you tried WritePad or this application (the same developer) you know that they both have one of the best handwriting recognition options I have ever seen.

My verdict: the best note-taking app for people with a lame handwriting (like me) and for synchronizing notes with PC.

Sundry Notes – more than just another run-of-the-mill note-taking iOS app!
Price in the AppStore: $ 2.99

If run-of-the-mill taking notes option is not enough for you try Sundry notes that is a highly customizable application allowing adding to your scrawls some text, drawings, search results and PDF files, etc – in such way fulfilling the options of few different apps in one simple tool. It also supports the ability of opening multiple notes at once.

I use this app all the time when I need to print a funny handwritten card for my friends or family (the app supports AirPrint as well) or when I want to add to my memos at work some Google search results.

You will certainly love this application for its synchronization with the numerous online services like DropBox, Facebook, Google Docs, to name few.

My verdict: a good app for taking notes, customizing them with images and links (it works perfectly for left-handed people as well) and for chatting with other users via Wi-Fi connection.
What iPhone/iPad note-taking applications you use?

I know that many users like Evernote and standard Notes but I think the apps I reviewed are also pretty helpful if you are a hardcore note-taking fan as me. I’m pretty sure you have your own variants of decent applications for making notes to offer. If you have few spare minutes, feel free to share with the rest of us your favorites or leave comments what you think about Safe Note, Sundry Notes and PhatNotes.

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