Problems with the Apple iPhone 4S

It seems like whenever a new mobile phone is released for the first time, there are often kinks that must be worked out of the device. No matter how many tests the product undergoes before being released, there are going to be things wrong with it once the general public has access from retailers like Dial a phone. One phone that seems to be having some common issues among users is the latest version of the Apple iPhone: the 4S.

While Apple extolled the virtues of the iPhone 4S’s battery; that it would offer customers a long life with up to eight hours of talk time, the actual users have reported an entirely different story. It ended up that the latest version of the iPhone was much more energy hungry than its predecessor, the iPhone 4. With that being said, the improvements to the design of the new iPhone were not significant enough to provide the needed power. This doesn’t account for usage other than calling such as browsing the internet, watching videos or listening to music, which drains the battery even faster.

One new aspect of the iPhone 4S has been the addition of an artificial intelligence known as Siri. While the Apple iPhone 4S was designed for global markets, it appears that Siri only works to her full potential when used in the United States. Built-in features will work quite well anywhere. However, the functions that rely on locations will not. Even Canada, America’s neighbor to the north, was having major issues with Siri. Also another criticism of Siri is its voice recognition. Siri has a difficult time discerning the speech of people who have heavy accents. Currently, it can only understand three languages: English, French and German – although some English speaking locales like Scotland are finding that Siri simply cannot understand their thick accents. More languages are coming in the future.