Harry Potter for Kinect — Lets You Kill “You-Know-Who” with Motions

I don’t play video games as much as you do. I play Angry Birds on my iPhone and Facebook in my leisure times, but that’s all. You know, I have tried to play games more seriously in the last three months. I built my custom PC with high-end component such as Intel Core i7 processor, a 16GB RAM, NVIDA GT440 graphic display card, and a 21-inch LED display. And you know what, my computer crashes whenever I run high resource games such as Need for Speed and Dolphin emulator to play Super Mario Galaxy. I’m not sure yet when I’ll fix the problem, I think I need a dedicated game console to make it simpler and more reliable.

I don’t know what your favorite games, but my favorite game is the Mario series, that’s why I installed Dolphin emulator on my PC. I don’t like to play complicated game, that’s not my type. But if I have a chance, what I want to play next time is the upcoming Harry Potter for Kinect. You know why? I love the Harry Potter movie series and it’s one of my favorite series indeed. I think it will be the perfect time to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in a new way with Kinect sensation that lets gamers wave a wand like Harry Potter.

As one of Xbox 360 games developed exclusively for Kinect, this game allows players to join Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friend to confront Lord Voldemort (upsss… He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) and save the wizarding world using physical maneuvers and by calling out spell names, thanks to Kinect’s hands-free and voice recognition capabilities.

“Harry Potter for Kinect will engage Harry Potter fans old and new by bringing them into the wizarding world as truly active participants,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Kids and parents will enjoy recreating their favorite Harry Potter adventures, from flying a broomstick in a Quidditch match, to battling pixies and duelling other wizards.”

Expected to be available this fall, Harry Potter for Kinect will join other upcoming Xbox 360 games exclusive for Kinect including Dragon Ball Z for Kinect; Fable: The Journey; Fit Music; Just Dance Greatest Hits; Kung Fu Superstar; Ryse; Steel Battalion; and Heavy Armor.

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