Monster Diamond Tears — When Headphones Become Fashion Accessories

Three new headphones were introduced by Monster at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. The headphones include Inspiration™, Diamond Tears™, and VEKTR™ which were on show at the MC Bay Hotel during the company’s press conference last week. I was impressed with the design and style, especially the Diamond Tears.

You can find various unique headphones in this site including the SB2 Sportsband, BOSE OE2 or the Daft Punk Edition TRON which is also made by Monster, but these new art works are different. The Inspiration™ is mentioned as the first-ever Monster over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. Ideal for traveller, the headphones feature interchangeable headbands in a variety of different colors, textures and materials, it’s very very fashionable.

Monster Inspiration™ Headphones

Back to the Diamond Tears, I agree with company’s statement: the design is incredible.. I can’t test the sound, but I can see the look, the picture says so, are you in my side? I think so. And the last model VEKTR™ on-ear headphones are more iconic, thanks to the collaboration with Diesel, the well-known lifestyle company. The headphones come with a sharp faceted look and feature a diamond-cut Diesel logo on each plush ear cup. That’s all! I can’t tell much about the sound quality.

Monster VEKTR Headphones

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