Sony NEX-F3 Compact System Camera — Mirrorless Refreshed!

NEX-F3 compact system camera from Sony

How do you capture you favorite moments in daily life? Most of us use the built-in camera on mobile phone, that’s why iPhone now is the most popular camera on Simplicity is one of the most important dogmas in modern lifestyle. Such statement also works in the digital camera world. With similar image-quality output, the more simple the camera, the more it will be adopted by users.

I’m a D-SLR user, I’m a professional wannabe, and photography has been my new hobby for more than 2 years now. If you wonder what camera I use, the answer is Nikon D7000. Using an APS-C sensor, my camera is one of Nikon’s ‘not too old’ generation cameras along with D5100 and D3100. I know the latest generation of Nikon cameras are D4, D800 and the entry level D3200 which are powered by Expeed 3 image-processing engine. I’m happy with my camera, but one thing that’s bother me is the size and weight. Sometime it’s just too heavy for traveling, the fact says so! No question about that!

NEX-F3 compact system camera from Sony

Solving the main problem of D-SLR type camera (size and weight), a new camera category was born to the world, and we know it as mirrorless camera. Joining the mirrorless category, the NEX-F3 compact system camera is scheduled to be available in June starting from Europe. Sony equip the NEX-F3 with a 16.1 effective megapixels APS-C size image sensor; 180° tiltable LCD for easy self-portraits; built-in flash helpful in low-light conditions; Auto Portrait Framing for easy, top-quality portraits; AVCHD (50i/25p) ensures smooth, high quality video; and long 470 shot battery life as well as easy USB charging.

Combined with the new SEL18200LE E18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS LE lens, the Sony NEX-F3 mirrorless camera delivers a powerful 11x zoom range, yet travel friendly. Unique to Sony, the NEX-F3 also boasts Clear Image Zoom and that doubles effective magnification of the lens without reducing the pixel count.