New Nintendo Selects Collection: Pikmin 2 and Mario Power Tennis

I don’t have a Nintendo Wii console at my home, but of course I’m a Wii fan! Don’t worry about that. My first experience playing Nintendo game was happen when I was in senior high school. At that time, I was playing the classic 2D Mario Bros at my friend’s house, it’s so addicting and I always remember the beautiful moment. While I’m idle in the front of my computer, I want to enjoy such classic game in the midle of my busy workloads.

I mentioned before, I don’t have a Wii console, but I have Dolphin emulator installed on my PC, it’s save me a little bit. Right now I have two emulator ISO: “Super Mario Galaxy” and “Super Mario Galaxy II”, both runs smoothly but sometime my computer crashes beacause of the CPU temperature getting higher to the maximum. Based on this, I don’t recommend avarage users to play Wii game on PC with emulator. Wii console offers more stable and reliable way to play the Wii games, no question about that.

As one of the Wii users, I think you know the Nintendo Selects value collection for the Wii console, it offers Nintendo Selects games for only $19.99. And as of today, Nintendo is adding two great games to the collection on June 10 with Pikmin 2 and Mario Power Tennis.

Pikmin 2 has updated controls optimized for the Wii console as players help brave Captain Olimar and his assistant, Louie, salvage treasures and return them to their home planet. In addition to the original red, blue and yellow Pikmin from the first game, players can also take command of purple and white Pikmin, creating a wealth of new strategic options. Additionally, Pikmin 2 features a frantic, two-player split-screen multiplayer battle mode, for which additional accessories are required and are sold separately.

Mario Power Tennis lets players power up their tennis game by swinging the Wii Remote to smack powerful forehands and backhands. Players can take on the role of their favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters and play on imaginative courts not possible in the real world, including a court littered with Mario-style power-ups. As players win tournaments, clear minigames or challenge Gimmick Courts, they unlock new characters, courts and challenges. Up to four players can compete in wild multiplayer action.

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