Usenet – Dinosaur of Information-Exchange!


What is Usenet in general?

In 1979 Usenet was developed by two students looking for a new way to communicate faster. That makes Usenet older than the World Wide Web and the prequel of the Internet! We are talking about a worldwide network of servers where members download and post messages and files to more than 100,000 themed discussion groups called “newsgroups”. Today you can access Usenet via commercial providers which enable you to connect through multi-gigabit Internet connections letting you download as fast as your Internet connection will allow. So yes – actually use the internet the newer technology to access Usenet the prequel.

The reason why people are getting attracted to Usenet is that what they say is not censored like internet and one can get all information available on this platform through a single click. Another attractive feature of Usenet is that it is totally free and anyone anywhere can get access to this platform. Usenet is safe as there are no advertisements and viruses. It is fast and always available. Download speeds at Usenet are extremely fast and most times your personal internet connection will be not fast enough to hit the Usenet download limit.

About the provider in detail:

With the Usenet-provider being one of the most popular platforms for file-exchange and the possibility of sharing information, their newsreader-software makes downloading easier than ever, search and get the data with only one click. Fast, reliable and safe can be tested for free on their website. Try it out and simply download more than 300 GB for free with the test-account. If you are interested, you can get a free Usenet trial period of 14 days to get access to Usenet through Every feature is free to use during this period and you can familiarize with or you can cancel the free trial at anytime during the trial period. The user gets the facility to download 300 GB + 5 GB of data free of cost these days.

Personally I really liked and enjoyed using it. Just give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed – I promise ;-)!