Xperia Sola, When Touch Screen is Soooooo Sensitive!

Do you remember the futuristic technology that was shown at CeBIT 2007? A monitor that’s equipped with a high technology sensor that respons to hand motion. And 5 years later, we can find such futuristic invention in the real world, in Sony Xperia sola to be exact. Scheduled to ship in Q2 2012, the Xperia sola brings what they call “floating touch”, a technology that allows us navigate the web by hovering their finger above the screen so it acts like a moving curser, without actually having to touch the screen. I can’t tell that “floating touch” based on the same motion sensor, but I think it’s a bit similar to them.

Sony Xperia sola also comes with SmartTags and supoorts NFC pairing. With SmartTags, users can siwtch between pre-configured profiles by simply touching the phone on a SmartTag (see video). And with NFC, users are allowed to connnect to other NFC smartphones by tapping together. Powered by a 1GHz Dual Core Processor, Sony Xperia sola runs Android 2.3 with upgrade option later. Other highlights: 3.7” display (854 x 480 pixels); 8 GB internal storage; microSD slot; up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 470 hours of standby time.

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