Ocean Supremacy Superyacht by SCOD, Green is Cool!

Eco Luxury Ocean Supremacy by SCOD

Have you dreamed of having holiday in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? I hope you and me have a change someday, I’m not a part of those rich guys. But if living or traveling on superyacht is part of your lifestyle, I think you need to know this, the 42m Eco Ocean Supremacy, a green superyatch from SCOD. Green is cool, right? If you’re on my side, I think you’ll love the green part of this superyacth. Mentioned as the greenest among the 10 fastest superyacht in this small world, the Ocean Supremacy utilizes a 9 MW Solar Hybrid Propulsion System powered by a combination of Sustainable Sources of energy that integrate and exploit the availability of; Solar, Wind, Wave and Bio Mass Diesel power. How complicated is that? I don’t care as long as it works.

Okay let’s forget the complicated powerhouse behind the Eco Ocean Supremacy superyacht and start focusing on the luxury part. As described by SCOD, the main and upper Sun Deck on this superyacth has a pool area that offers flexibility for a number of uses such as sunbathing, dancing, parties, entertaining and events. And the cockpit on the upper deck utilizes a Photovoltaic Canopy and also features an open-air outdoor Cinema which more than 20 Guests are allowed to join.

Eco Luxury Ocean Supremacy by SCOD


  • Length overall: 42m
  • Beam: 15.6m
  • Draft: 1m
  • Marine Grade Aluminum or Carbon Epoxy Composite
  • Fuel: 45.000 litres
  • Zero Carbon Cruising Range at 14 knots Unlimited
  • Solar Hybrid Cruising Range at 18 knots 3,600nm
  • Carbon Neutral Cruising Range at 18 knots 3,600nm
  • Maximum Speed 55 knots
  • 10 Guests
  • 8 to10 crew
  • SCOD 8m Super Marine Tender