SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller for PC, Tablet and Smartphone!

SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller

Ho do you play your favorite games on your PC, using keyboard and mouse? That’s fine if you’re not a real gamer like me. You don’t need an extra controller to play simple game like Zuma’s, but for more serious games, I think a dedicated controller is a must. Playing game on a tablet or smartphone is the same, a simple game like Angry Bird is very convenient without an extra controller, your finger is more than enough to make the bird angry. But if you want to play other kind of games such as first-person shooter and RTS games, an extra controller can offer more optimal experience. That’s why the SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller comes to us.

The SteelSeries Ion Wireless Controller is fully compatible with PC, tablet and smartphone. Measuring only 108mm x 55.5mm x 18mm, this controller connects via Bluetooth to PC and/or mobile device and features a white LED light as a connection indicator. It’s also equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. Similar to the common game controllers, the SteelSeries Ion comes with a classic design which includes 2 mini-joysticks, a left side Dpad button, 2 trigger buttons one at each shoulder, and a four button layout on the right.

Expected to be available in Q3 of 2012, the SteelSeries Ion’s pricing will be announced closer to its availability. Are you feeling lucky? Find your favorite game controllers at or visit for the latest unique gadget news.