Unity Home Theater System, Minimalism in Living Room

Unity Home Theater System

How do you manage your home theater system in your living room? Is it cluttered with so many cables you don’t know what they are. I think you need to know this new system from engage, the Unity Home Theatre System. Featuring tShape, a pedestal style platform, the Unity supports any flat-screen TVs up to 60 inches. And in order to deliver best user experience, the system features a single-wire connection using HDMI 1.4 and extra connections for iPhones and iPods and Ethernet.

How much does it cost? can you guess? It will set you back $999 and will be ready in mid-2012. Designed by RKS, the Unity Home Theater System is space saving that’s suitable for your minimalistic mood. But beside its compact design, the Unity is still able to produce 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound, thanks to the integrated amplifier, dual 10-inch subwoofers, integrated center, left and right channel speakers and a 5.25-inch down-firing midrange. And last but not least, the Unity also features an integrated Blu-ray/DVD player.

if you think the $999 price-tag is too much, you need to browse Amazon.com to find other HTS that more affordable. But as far as I concern, there is no such unique system available in the market.