AirStash Wireless Flash Drive: Photographer’s Best Friend

Hello photography enthusiasts, I know that instagram app is one of your favorites apps, and I think it’s safe to claim that you use it daily or at least weekly to share the moments you love, is that right? Forget it, there is another great inventing that could support what you love to do in the world of photography? It’s the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive which can save you when your iPhone or iPad runs out of storage space.

Combined with the AirStash+ app, the AirStash offers two way wireless storage for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other wireless devices. Users can capture photos anywhere without worrying about running out of iPhone storage or accidentally losing your captured memories. If your iPhone/iPad gettinng full, what you need to do to keep the great moment continues, is run the AirStash+ app to backup your camera roll (including video) to your AirStash Wireless Flash Drive for unlimited storage with interchangeable SD cards. And another good thing, this device allows you to share your photos with up to eight friends instantly through any compatible WiFi-enabled device.

If you’re a D-SLR or compact camera user, you can use the AirStash to transfer your photos to your iPhone or iPad and then edit them before you share. No laptop no problem. Does it sound interesting? Find the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive at and start your new life.