Top most Blackberry Camera Apps to enhance your Photography Experience

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BlackBerry smartphones are still admired by corporate professionals for their features and services. However, they lag behind in terms of number of apps offered by Android or iPhones. There are not many camera apps available for BackBerry. Here is a short list of top camera apps that can inspire you in taking and editing photos on your BlackBerry smartphone.


This is a free photo editor that allows you to correct and adjust your images and apply effects on them. You can edit the photos taken by camera of your BlackBerry phone or the images that you have loaded on your phone. While editing an image the toolbar is displayed under the screen for easy access. You can tweak hue, contrast, brightness and color by going to the Settings. There are also standard tools for cropping, resizing, rotating an image and red eye remover. You can select from a wide range of Image Effects and different frames for your images. While the app is simple and user friendly with various image effects you may be missing the text tool.


With this unique BlackBerry camera app, you can take image of the screen of your BlackBerry phone. The app takes image of your screen and saves it memory card or internal memory of the phone. After you have opened the app, click the ‘screen shot taking’. You can hear the sound of camera shutter. There is no limitation of time for taking screenshots and you can email the shots you have taken. Images can be stored in several formats like JPEG, WBMP, TIFF, BMP,PNG and GIF.

Photo Editor Ultimate

This free BlackBerry app is regularly used and appreciated by a large number of BlackBerry users. This app is built right to the menu system of BlackBerry. As a result, you can edit your image and send them right from the context menu of the app. The app offer standard menus that are expected from a photo editor – like rotating, resizing, using color filters, changing brightness and contrast, etc. In addition to these menus you can also use effects like emboss, mirror, jitter, border and tint. You can preview the edited image (even with zoom). You can send the edited images as email attachment.

Mini Paint

This is a simple photo editing app for BlackBerry addicts. The app uses copy of your original image for editing, so there is no chance of damaging your original image. Camera offered by BlackBerry phones are not always of desired standard. You can add spice to such images by adding filters, clip arts or captions offered by this app.


This BlackBerry app offers you a bunch of filters that can be applied to images on your BlackBerry smartphone. Open an image in the app and chose from filters like vintage, saturation, double exposure, etc. you can save the image in your device or upload it directly to Facebook. The interface and layout of the app may appear to be little clumsy but its performance is quite good.

More camera apps of BlackBerry are expected to arrive with competition getting hot in the smartphone market. Apple and Android phones are offering some fascinating apps to support improved cameras of their devices. BlackBerry has already improved its cameras in latest models. Until some new apps arrive, explore these apps.

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