IdeaTab S2 10-inch Tablet, an Ice Cream Sandwich from Lenovo!

IdeaTab S2 10

Lenovo said that its IdeaTab S2 10 tablet is available immediately in China. But in America and united Kingdom, it will come at later date. The S2 is thinner than its predecessor at just 1/3 -inch, and it weighs only 1.1lbs or less than 0.5kg, that’s so light! Powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 dual core CPU, the IdeaTab S2 runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which make it perfect to stay on the edge.

So what is the difference between Lenovo’s IdeaTab S2 and other 10-inch Android 4.0 tablets? The IdeaTab S2 comes preloaded with Lenovo Mondrian UI which offers customized content and easy acces to the Lenovo App Shop and the Android Maket. the IdeaTab S2 also features detachable design that allows users to pair it with a keyboard dock. And Regarding battery life, this tablet can last up to 20 hours, yes it’s almost a day.

IdeaTab S2 10-inch Tablet

Are you in the mood to wait for the IdeaPad S2? If you’re in hurry, you don’t have to. You can find other Android 4.0 tablets at

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