Google TV from LG, First Demonstration at CES 2012

At CES 2012 which is going to start on Monday, 9 January in Vegas, LG will show its one of the newest home entertainment products for consumers, the Google TV. Based on Android OS, LG’s Google TV is developed using LG’s 3D and Smart TV technologies. You may ask what its key feature is, LG says that its Google TV is easily to use. It allows users to control the Android-based user interface (UI) using the Magic Remote Qwerty.

So how the user interface looks like? As describe by LG, the main screen is designed for easy browsing and content selection. And with Multi-tasking feature, the TV allows users to search, access social media site, and watching TV simultaneously. The LG’s Google TV is also equipped with CINEMA 3D technology with built-in 2D to 3D conversion, but a CINEMA 3D glasses is required to enjoying the 3D programs.

Do not count on my words, you can visit LG’s booth at CES 2012 in Vegas and see the first demonstration. There is no detail yet regarding the availability. You can browse to find the related products, may be from Logitech. And I think it’s not the last Google TV, there will be many similar devices from other manufacturrs to invade your living room this year.