Dual Hard Drive Cloning System, Is This What I’m Looking for?

When I found this new product, I remember what I used to do as a desktop PC users in the past (now I’m a laptop user). Everytime my computer failed to start, it’s always the hard disk failure to blame. And as we know, the solution is to format the HD and re-install the operating system. Data loss is not a choice, and I used to borrow friends’ computer and install my HD as a slave to back up my important data. There was no hard rive cloning device such CDD3000 Dual Hard Drive Docking Station at that time. Supports USB 3.0 and SATA 2, this docking station is able to duplicate HD without the need of PC. But backing up through PC is also possible, and thank to the software bundle that enable users to select what files to back up easily.

Priced at $89 MSRP, the Cirago CDD3000 HD cloning station is ideal for sys admin who clones multiple HD in daily basis. But home users like me will love it too. How the device works is really easy, just drop in the drives and press the clone button, that’s all. You don’t need to watch the process, just sit back and relax. The product is not available yet, the web says “coming soon”. Meanwhile you can browse Amazon.com to find related products, don’t miss it!


Al Hilal:
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