New Simple Cellphones for Kids or Seniors who don’t Like Galaxy Nexus!

Do you think all people around the world love the high-end touchscreen smartphones? Think again! emporia has already thought about it. And they come to us in the US, Canada and Latin America with its two new simple mobile phone that kids and senior will benefit. The phones are emporiaCLICK and emporiaSOLIDplus.

Why kids or seniors need a very simple mobile phone? my 4 years little brother loves my iPhone badly, he likes to play Ultraman on YouTube or plays Angry Bird game. And my 60 years old mother loves her Galaxy Y, she plays it every day. But it doesn’t mean they really need it.

Based on their research, emporia produces well-designed mobile phones that feature a unique button that automatically dials family, caregivers or emergency services, it’s really needed when the bad times roll in. emporiaCLICK and emporiaSOLIDplus phone also feature large, easy-to-use buttons, an extra loud speakerphone, and a simple interface.

Coming with a sleek clamshell design, a piano lacquer finish and a stainless steel clas, emporiaCLICK also features a built-in camera with side button for easy snap, MMS function, high volume ringtone, strong vibration motors, and a flashing LED those run whenever a call is coming in.

emporiaSOLIDplus comes with different design, no flip but stronger and simpler. This durable phone is suitable for outdoor use. Made with military standard in mind, emporiaSOLIDplus is splash and drop resistant, and is able to oprate in extreme condition. Give it to your kid, and you don’t need to worry they will break it!

You can see both devices at CES 2012 trade show in Vegas next week. Regarding availability, there are no details yet from the manufacturer. In the meantime you can browse for related products, you will find it!


Al Hilal:
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