4 Advantages of a Prepaid SIM Option

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When it comes to the battle of which mobile deal to go for, there are always two options; either go for a prepaid deal or a postpaid deal.

Taking your time to think carefully about your decision and which kind of mobile option to go for can mean a lot of difference on the long run, and it can also save you a lot of money. I have been in the space of giving people advice on how to get better mobile deals for some time now, and in this article I will be showing you some of the major advantages of a prepaid SIM option.

You Only Pay for Service You Use

The number one advantage of a prepaid SIM option is that you only pay for service you use. In other words, you don’t have to subscribe to a plan that offers you 2,000 calling minutes when you only need 50 minutes. The prepaid option allows you to pay using recharge vouchers based on the service you use, and you can also decide not to pay anything should you decide to not use a particular provider in a given month.

Another thing is that having multiple ISPs can be very difficult as a postpaid customer due to maintenance problems, so going the prepaid route will help make it easy for you to go with as many service providers you want.

You Don’t Have to Sign any Contract

You also don’t have to sign a contract just to be able to use your mobile phone should you decide to go the prepaid route.

Most postpaid ISPs will require you to sign a contract for 12 months or more if you want to use their services, and you will also have to pay some very expensive fees. By going for a prepaid plan you don’t have to worry about signing any contract or paying excessive fees.

No Credit Checks Required

Before you’re accepted by any company as a postpaid customer you will need to do some credit checks to help determine if you’re eligible and will be able to pay for your services on the long run, and you will also not be able to sign a contract if you’re not up to 18. This isn’t the case with a prepaid plan as you can easily pick a SIM card at any SIM card center, and you can also start using it immediately without much hassle.

You Can Easily Top up Your Phone from Anywhere

The final advantage to going the prepaid route is that you can easily top up your phone from anywhere, and you can also purchase a SIM card from anywhere. You don’t have to visit the office of your mobile service provider, and you don’t have to go through protocols that aren’t necessary. All you need to do is purchase a voucher at a store near you or online, use it to recharge your phone and start using the services you’re being provided.

This guest post is written by Paul who helps people get SIM Only unlimited internet.