Linking Mobile Devices to Home Electronics is Getting Popular

We have seen that wireless technology has literally become part of our daily lives and practically a utility. Mobile phone technology could be responsible for having really set the snowball rolling. Now we are enamoured by the way this technology have evolved, merged and mutated, to change our work and lifestyles henceforth. Connectivity is the mantra that’s currently ruling the Tech-world.

Mobile devices are getting smarter as they are empowered with better electronics, faster microprocessors, backed by apps and runs on powerful UI’s. We see that increasingly home electronics products are enabled with connectivity of cable or by wireless for various reasons, primarily for convenience and content.

A good example of wired connections is HDMI, which is more than just the name of a port. It is for allowing high definition electronic devices to communicate. High Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital connector that can transfer High-Definition video and also carry many digital audio channels. It has many advantages and no risk of quality loss in signals.

Technology of Connectivity

Connectivity by wireless technology is a prevalent method of linking mobile devices with other compatible ones. Here are a few mentions of these technologies-

WiFi is a technology which has come into wide use lately. Once a WiFi network is set-up, it allows many users on various enabled devices to wireless access shared resources. The commonly used type of WiFi is called an infrastructure network. Here each device connects to a central point, like for instance the broadband internet connection. A WiFi network can connect computers or laptops, printers and a range of consumer electronics that includes televisions, gaming consoles, media players and mobile phones.

Atheros Communications delivers innovative technologies. It explores wireless and wired communication to invent technology to connect and empower people and make them accessible. The market for Qualcomm Atheros world-class chipsets is growing in many areas.

Atheros Hy-Fi is a hybrid networking solution that combines WiFi, HomePlug, AV power line and Ethernet technologies. Atheros Communication Inc. showcased its latest wireless and wired technology for home networking, PCs, mobile devices and consumer electronics at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company has innovative applications for connecting TV platforms, or streaming video between television and PC using DLNA and using the smart-phone as remote control for the TV. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) comprises of more than 245 companies. Members use open standards and widely available industry specification to create compatible products.

UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology can enable a wide range/variety of WPAN applications, thereby replacing cable between portable multimedia consumer electronic devices and portable MP3 players with wireless connectivity.

Ultra-wideband and associated networking are on the development stage. UWB complements WLAN environment and extends high connectivity to WPANs that support PC, CE and Cellular devices. When using UWB radio the battery life is 3 times more when compared to Bluetooth-based solution. Without interference short-range video or around the body audio streaming is efficient.

Potential for a wire-free environment
Connecting your mobile phone to control your television is getting popular. This is just a beginning to get all your computer, consumer electronics and entertainment media hooked up wirelessly and it’s catching up fast.

Apple has an app called Remote which is a free download from the App Store. It converts the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad into a remote control to control the computer’s iTunes library and Apple TV, from wherever in the house, and is easy to use. The Remote app complements with both AirPlay and Airport Express from the Apple stable.

The Google TV Remote for Android is also available in the market. There’s also a Samsung Remote App. This gives the mobile device ability to control your Samsung TV and BD equipment, when connected to your wireless router. Your mobile device can be used to switch on the TV using Bluetooth, provided the facility is built-in on the devices.

The Blackberry AppWorld has similarly the Verizon FiOS DVR, which gives users the facility to watch what and when they want. FiOS TV Remote DVR makes DVRs more versatile as customers can program them remotely through their computers and wireless devices.

The TV Remote Controller is a Pocket PC application which can make use of your PDA as a universal remote controller for Cable, TV, VCR, DVD, SAT and other equipment.

Committed to wireless technology, the technology giant Intel envisions that one day all devices will be connected by smart radios. It’s what they call Radio Free Intel. The concept is that a smart radio, capable of reprogramming and reconfiguring itself based on available spectrum, plus identifying the desired application and the partner device, will be integrated in most devices.

The future is not remote where everything goes nearly wireless.

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