Hot Digital Cameras for Everyone

There are many high-quality, in-demand cameras in the digital camera market. There’s a good reason for this, since digital cameras are available at various price points and feature sets aimed at everyone from the neophyte to the pro and all in between. Here’s a look at some of the hottest digital cameras out there right now. These popular selections are sure to appeal to every camera buyer, from the professional photographers to those who just want to shoot like one.

The Entry Level Affordable Point and Shoot

Sony’s Cybershot series has offered a wide range of affordable point and shoot digital cameras since 1996. They’re known for their quality and ease of use as much as their reasonable prices. The latest range of inexpensive Sony Cyber Shot cameras include the W530, W560 and the WX9, ranging from 14.1 to 16.2 megapixels at a wallet friendly range of $90 – $160.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530

Higher-End Point and Shoot

If theCybershot W series might be a little too basic, step up to Canon’s mid- to upper-range offerings. Higher-priced point and shoot digital cameras usually have more features than their entry level brethren. Some of these advanced characteristics include panoramic shooting, enhanced digital zoom capabilities, true zoom lenses, advanced image stabilization and correction, larger displays and more. Digital cameras in this category also take higher-quality, higher resolution photos. Canon’s Powershot S95 ($300) and Powershot G12 ($380 – 400) are currently popular offerings in this category. Look for deals on cameras before purchasing.

PowerShot S95

Entry Level DLSR

DLSR technology is the digital version of the old Single Lens Reflex cameras. In these cameras, a mirror allowed the photographer to see exactly what the camera lens sees. When the picture was taken, the mirror flipped up to expose the film. IN DLSR, the film is simply replaced with an image sensor. DLSR cameras usually have a lower megapixel rating, but this is made up for with a much larger and higher quality sensor than those found in point and shoots. Entry level DSLR cameras are priced in the same ranges as higher-end point and shoot cameras. They usually have lower resolutions and fewer features than pro level DSLRs, but with user friendly features and built in assist like auto focus and stabilization, they’re a good way to get your feet wet in the DLSR realm. Priced at roughly $300, Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FZ47 is a best buy when looking for a beginner’s DSLR.

Lumix DMC-FZ47

Mid range DSLR

Upper range DLSR cameras can cost as much as $3000, sometimes more. Let’s keep this somewhat affordable and keep you out of the pro camera shop, shall we? Mid range DLSR cameras are a great way for new DLSR enthusiasts to take that next step. A great buy in this range is the $800 Nikon D5100. This camera combines a 16.1 megapixel count with and advanced DX format sensor that will allow DLSR fans to step up and take amazing photos without breaking the bank completely. It can also double as a video camera, shooting in full 1080P HD.

This range of cameras are just a handful of today’s most popular digital offerings. We’d love to hear from you with your opinion on these digital cameras, or if you have some you’d like to add to the list!

Nikon D5100

Author: Mila Johnson