Nokia Lumia 800 is an Impressive Windows Phone

Nokia’s Lumia 800 is the first great release from the former mobile giant in many years and is truly a tantalising phone. This is Nokia’s first step back into the premium phone ring since the N8 and Nokia’s first dabble with Windows Phone 7. Nokia will have many more Windows Phones on release in the coming years, although the Lumia 800 contracts will give us a taste of what’s to come. So, what are the best things about the Nokia Lumia 800 and does it deliver?

The 3.7inch AMOLED screen looks fantastic and is a real eye turner. The brightness of the 480x800p display is unparalleled and it works well with the apps and media on offer. This nice display stretches over a 3.7inch screen and is certainly the best display we’ve seen on a Nokia for some time. It is ideal for browsing and also for watching imagery due to its size, which is slightly larger than that of the iPhone 4.

Windows 7.5
Windows 7.5 or Windows Phone 7 Mango as it is also known is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for phones. It looks great and really takes the smartphone experience to a whole new level. It is exceptionally smooth and seems to be even less lag filled than iOS 5, which is quite an accomplishment. It is also great for multitasking procedures and so is a great phone for work. The display makes the OS look excellent and we found this responsive and well laid out OS to really excite us. It is ideal for those wanting a phone that just feels that bit different than the usual Android or iOS smartphones currently filling the shelves in phone stores.

The phone’s nice rectangular shape with corners which are sharp is very attractive. The phone is made from a polycarbonate plastic which makes it a lot stronger than regular plastic and it actually feels just as strong as most metals. The screen covers the front of the phone and the device really has a lovely minimalist touch to it, which we really enjoyed. Overall we love the way it looks.

The phone comes with an 8mp camera, which we certainly found very capable. The device can take 720p video and really is a lovely little flasher. The fact it has a dual LED and is great in low conditions due to the excellent sensor means we really enjoyed it while using it for a number of tasks. Like earlier Nokia phones this camera comes with Carl Zeiss optics – offering something a little different to standard smartphone cameras.

The phone has a 1.4GHz chip, which is enough to carry it through most tasks. Add to this Windows multitasking abilities and you’ve a phone that really shows itself up as a great, fast device. Windows is not quite as demanding as Android, and so the Lumia offers as much power and seamless performance as some of the most highly charged dual core phones like the Galaxy S2.

Nokia has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 800 is the first of these, and if this is anything to go by then the smartphone market is about to become a great deal friendlier to Nokia and Windows Phone – as the combo finally have something on offer to halt Android’s plans for world domination.