Movavi Video Converter 11, Your True Converter Software!

movavi Video Converter

Converting video files is not a hard work when you have good converter software along. Believe me, there are so many converter softwares out there on the net. Which one is the good one? Well, it is a hard question. We should try it one by one, right? So let’s start with this one, Movavi Video Converter 11.

Is this converter powerful? I do not have right to judge it, you the one who have. However, based on my experience, I found that it could convert more than 170 file formats of video, audio and image. Interestingly, those file formats cover most mobile devices on the market, from Android devices to XBOX gaming console. At the case, you have a mobile outlet that offering ringtones or other related audio-video service, this software suits you much.

Moreover, it offers you an easy operation and easy-known interfaces. Most of important command are placed well at front face largely. Even with the low light condition, you will see them clearly. As I said easy operation, you just need to click +File or +DVD to input the source file from your computer, set the output file format and destination folder. Then click the convert button at right-bottom, you done.

For advanced, you could also crop the video as you wish by marking the start and end on the playback section. Or you could also join and split the source files. I miss to tell you one thing, if you are not so sure with the output quality because you are trying a new setting, this software able to preview the result before conversion taken place.

However, there is a little thing that bothering me. This software hides the clear command under the file section, so you need two steps to clear your every file list. Is it hard to place the clear command at front face? Overall, Movavi Video Converter 11 is a better converter compared to other I have known. You should try it!