Super Sturdy Micro SD Cards – Do We Need Them?

Micro SD Card

Flash cards aren’t the most exciting piece of technology in the world. They don’t do much on their own. But plug them into another device and you’ll open up a whole load of possibilities.

As you probably know, flash cards are used for storing data, like a hard drive, only much smaller. Today it’s possible to store up to 64GB of data on a device the size of a finger nail. That is quite impressive when you consider it would take that is the equivalent to 45,000 1980s Floppy Discs to store that much.

But with so much data in such a small space, you might worry that it is vulnerable. Thankfully Samsaung have come up with a solution with their new Micro SD card.

The study little SD card is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure. I have seen one taped to a basket ball and bounced around; thrown against a wall; and even driven over by a car. Did the card survive? It did and with no troubles at all. However, when I saw someone viciously attack the SD with a hammer, it didn’t fare so well. It isn’t quite indestructible.

Not only can the card survive impact, it is surprisingly resilient to other forms of mistreatment. Samsung’s Micro SD will endure 24 hours in water without any data loss. Worried about airport X-Ray machines damaging your holiday photos? No neither were we but Samsung reassures us that these cards will withstand anything an airport can throw at them.

The big question is, do we need such a robust SD card? Most of the time an SD card is stuck inside your camera or smartphone so if something is going to happen to your device, the SD card is probably the least of your worries. However, there could be a lot of important files which losing along with your mp3 player or compact camera would only add to your upset.

The ruggedness of your Micro SD card is probably not going to be your main concern when you purchase one but as long the price is reasonable, it would be a nice extra. The good news is, Samsung’s Micro SD cards cost around the same price as a card of similar spec, so there’s nothing to lose.