Apple iPhone 5 on Vodafone Network?

If you are asking me about what I love in Apple’s thing, here is my answer. I love its rumors. Believe me, the rumor itself is more attracted me than its launching. What it looks like? When? Where? Could it be? Why? Everyone tries his best to closely describe it based on his own sources.

And what is the funny on all of these? Most rumors are leading us to the wrong way. That’s why, it have been collecting evidences as much as I can to trace the shadow of iPhone 5’s mystery as close as it should be. Believe it or not, Vodafone is chosen to be one of Apple iPhone 5’s carriers. A lot of sites said it with strong fact, the leaked iPhone 5 plans on Vodafone network. So, it’s hard for me to just deny it or say the rumor is the fake one.

Still, according to rumors, Vodafone iPhone 5 is going to offer two size storages, 16GB and 32GB. And it also said it’s only available in black and white color. Those are reasonable for me. Black and white are the original iPhone’s colors. Meanwhile as Apple seems still want to keep its iPhone 4 at market, not offering 8GB storage on iPhone 5 is a clever move, right?