The Latest Tablets on the Market

iPad 2

Apple’s iPad may have taken the world by storm, bringing the ever popular brand to millions of homes by way of the latest computing gadget, but there are many other tablets available on the market. As laptops turn into netbooks, and tablets gain increasing features to put them on a competitive level with fully fledged computers, there an array of newer machines to choose from which offer great alternatives to the renowned Apple brand.

Eee Pad Transformer

One of the latest tablets is the Eee Pad Transformer from Asus. The company have become well known for their range of good netbooks which offer wide functions and easy interfaces. Out of the current Android based tablets, the Eee Pad Transformer is said to be the best and, coming with a keyboard dock, allows users the multifunctional features that are needed for the modern day. At an average of £429 it’s a competitively priced tablet too. Other top Android tablet machines include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom, and LG Optimus Pad. Samsung’s offering to the market has a huge range of benefits and is considered one of the best options if you don’t require a keyboard. It is currently the thinnest tablet on the market, including Apple’s iPad2, and offers a high performance Honeycomb Tegra 2 system whilst being very lightweight. The Motorola Xoom meanwhile incorporates the user friendly Android 3.0 system and has powerful Nvidia components, whilst the LG Optimus Pad has a unique selling point; 3D image capture with dual 5MP rear-firing cameras. However, with Android 3.0, a large screen size and a dual core Tegra 2 CPU, the machines is expected to be expensive, even when factoring in PC World vouchers.

Motorola Xoom

Away from the user friendly Android system there are also several tablets which, whilst not using popular operating systems, offer something important to the market. Developing their range of products, Blackberry has brought out the Playbook, a small device which is targeted at those wanting to be able to easily carry a powerful gadget around with them. The machine uses Blackberry’s own operating system, and is a great addition for those who already own a Blackberry smartphone. The ExoPC Slate is also being highlighted for its Windows 7 system. It’s not as user friendly as many touch screen tablets around but Microsoft have incorporated some good hardware which looks to be promising in the future. The HP TouchPad meanwhile is also a top tablet, and whilst this machine doesn’t have a wide variety of third party apps and lacks hardware features such as HDMI outputs, the interface is far more polished than many tablets using Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

With such a huge range of gadgets coming to the market on the back of Apple’s success it’s important to carefully consider any machine before purchase. Whilst you may not want to opt for Apple, the company have a proven track record with a gadget which is reliable and user friendly. In comparison, many newer tablets and firms are still making adjustments to machines to get them just right. However, with market competition heating up you can expect an exciting number of innovative functions and features coming to machines. And if you’re looking for something a little different, there is a great variety to choose from.