5 Real Estate iPhone Apps to Write Home About

1. Zillow

Zillow is the most popular iPhone Real Estate app for a reason. It packs tons of great features for people looking to rent or purchase property. If CarFax is for cars, then Zillow is for real-estate. Anywhere you are, you can open the app and see a myriad of information about the properties around you. The app follows you, via your mobile device’s GPS technology, as you walk or drive through a neighborhood, showing a real satellite image of your surrounding area complete with price tags over the properties themselves. Once you click on a property, a variety of details pop up on your screen, including:

  • square footage
  • number of rooms
  • the property’s value over time
  • prices of comparable properties nearby

The app also allows you to filter your search by numbers of rooms or baths, or by price or monthly payment. 

If the above hasn’t gotten your attention, just take a look at some of the other features this app has:

  • save any search you perform
  • mark searches as “favorite”
  • share details using Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail
  • notifications once new deals or properties become available to you

Plus, it has the greatest feature available on the iPhone: A free price tag. 

2. Around Me

Around Me is perfect for anyone who is particular about the area they’re looking at when getting ready to relocate. Although not a true real estate app, its features allow anyone to search for nearby places of interest, such as restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, even schools, along with numerous other search options. Like Zillow, It can use your device’s GPS to where you are and provide areas of interest around you. Other features include:

  • Wikipedia listing for nearby places (if available)
  • Navigation
  • Favorites

Again, like Zillow, this app is completely free. It’s even functional in over ten countries, in case you decide to move to France to pursue your dream of becoming a mime.

3. The Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

This is quite possibly the most practical app on the list. For anyone involved in property rental or sales, including those building and buying, The Dictionary of Real Estate Terms features over 3,000 terms and definitions. This app is ideal for home buyers as well as sellers, and for what you’re getting it’s very modestly priced at just $1.99.

4. My Own Loan

This app is a calculator to estimate your monthly home loan repayments, and how they will be affected in the future. Just type in your loan information and learn:

  • How many payments you have left, as well as see payments you’ve already made
  • How to reduce payments with advance instalment
  • How interest rate changes affect your payment from month to month

My Own Loan is a great app, perfect for anyone needing to budget and plan out their home loan.

5. Houzz Interior Design Thoughts

A free download, this app is completely worth the few seconds you’ll take to download it: Hauzz Interior Design Thought provides countless ideas for the interior designer inside all of us. Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to jazz up the place, or just someone that is feeling a nice change of scenery, this app will help you out. 

The app allows you to sort through ideas according to the area you want to spruce up: the kitchen, bedroom, the bathroom or patio, as well as pretty much any other room a normal house should have. As well as sorting by room, the app allows you to search by style, whether it’s retro or modern.

Bio: Andrew Potter writes for My Online Estate Agent, a low cost online estate agent that allows you to advertise on Primelocation, Rightmove, Zoopla and Find a Property.