Vivitek D5 2D-3D Series Projectors

Vivitek D5 2D-3D Series

Vivitek ships its 2D-to-3D D5 series of projectors, the D512-3D, D536-3D and the D538W-3D. Featuring conversion technology that take existing 2D content and convert images into 3D pictures, the D5 series takes standard DVD and Blu-Ray™ content (via HDMI) and switches it from 2D to 3D. The three projectors can also display 3D content from 720p/1080i at 50/60Hz and 1080p at 24Hz from 3D Blu-Ray players or other 3D sources, such as cable or satellite boxes.

Highlights: # Resolutions: D512-3D native SVGA (800×600) | D536-3D native XGA (1024×768) | D538W-3D native WXGA (1280×800) # 2600 lumens (D512-3D) | 3200 lumens (D536-3D and D538-3D) # 3000:1 contrast ratio # Connectivity options include: HDMI, VGA, S-Video, Composite, RS-232, Mini-Jack audio-in, RCA audio-in # Keypad lock feature to avoid accidental change to the settings # Rapid on/off feature # Enhanced color and display adjustments # 4.2 pounds # Available July 2011 # MSRP: D512-3D $ 549.00| D536-3D $649.00 and D538W-3D $749.00.