iPod Touch

iPod touch

Since the creation of the original iPod back in 2001, Apple has consistently found ways to tweak the hugely successful formula to cater to different markets. The most recent iPod to launch was the iPod Touch back in 2007 which is now on it’s fourth generation.

At the heart of every iPod is it’s music player and the iPod Touch is no exception. The iPod Touch provides the high quality of sound consumers have come to expect from the iPod range.

But the iPod Touch is capable of much more than just playing music.

This new generation of the iPod Touch comes complete with both rear and front facing cameras. The rear facing camera is brilliant for shooting both short video clips and quick snapshots, although don’t expect it to replace digital cameras any time soon.

The front facing camera is primarily included to be used with Apple’s FaceTime, a video calling service which comes preloaded with the iPod Touch. FaceTime allows users of the Touch to video call other FaceTime users through their WiFi connection. The image and sound provided is excellent although one has to question just how much use the average user will get out of it.

With the iPod Touch and a WiFi connection you also have access to over 350,000 games and applications via the Apple App Store. The quality of games available means that your iPod is now also a pretty powerful handheld gaming device.

The iPod touch can handle around 40 hours of music playback between battery charges, however be aware that this will decrease if the device is used to run processor heavy apps.

So is the iPod Touch worth purchasing? If you already own an iPhone then the answer is no. The similarities between the two mean that even the biggest Apple fan would think twice about carrying both around.

If you aren’t in that category then the iPod Touch could provide you with an excellent media player, pocket camera, gaming system and videophone all in one.